Not another bedbug question
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Not another bedbug question: Unidentified bugs in bed, officially not "bedbugs". Can you help me identify them?

Okay, so I found a bug scurrying around under the sheets of a bed that is rarely used in an old house that has a history of bug problems. The bed is on the second floor near a wall.

The bug was about a half inch long, very low to the ground and flat. It was a dark grey color. It looked like its eyes were at the end of antennae, and it had lots of antennae, at least two or three at both ends of the body. It also was not very wide- at first I thought it was a really short centipede or something, but it did not appear to have a segmented body.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Response by poster: sweet, thanks! That's exactly it. Topic closed!
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Look for moistness and/or a rotting place.
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Constant problem here in Florida. Especially way back in the walk-in closet where I store sweaters and other 'low use' clothing.
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