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Library Books is a software program for the Mac OS X that tracks the books you have checked out from the library. Does anybody know of a similar software for the pc (windows)? Further description of the software inside.

Library Books is an Mac OS X application that tracks the library books you have borrowed.

Library Books connects to your library catalogue and downloads the list of books you have checked out. Then books are then displayed the menu bar.

* View the books you have currently borrowed in the menu bar.
* Add due date alerts to iCal.
* Lots of supported libraries.
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If you can't find what you want, you might want to try Library Elf. It doesn't display your books in the menu bar but it does track your books and send you reminders when they are almost due.
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Seconding Library Elf.
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I lurve the Library Elves. If they don't have your library listed, just drop them an email. They added my system in about 24 hours. I see that they still list it as (beta), though it has worked perfectly for years now. You can even configure it to have reminders texted to your phone if you want.
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nthing Library Elf. It even lets me consolidate multiple library accounts (one county is not enough) into a single view. Sweet.
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The Library Elf changed my life. I can practically buy a new book every month with the money I save on overdue fees.
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Thanks for posting this question -- I didn't know about Library Books until I read this, and now that I've tried it (I have a Mac) it's pretty awesome. I had books on hold, and the program let me know my books were ready for pickup a whole day before the library sent me an e-mail to tell me.
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