pre- and post-Father's-Day camera prices
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Will camera prices rise or fall either before or after Father's Day or July 4th? I'd like to buy a new digital SLR and have it in my hands no later than Friday morning, July 6. Should I wait for any particular day between now and then?
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I can't speak to future prices, but I have been impressed over the past few days by the prices Here. (You probably want the ones you can pickup, like Best Buy)
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I bought a DSLR (Canon 400d) a few months ago and by far the best prices I found were from and A box store or even a nice online reseller is unlikely to come within $50 of their prices, even with a 'sale.'
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I can't say what prices will do, but don't be lured in by too good to be true deals, which abound in camera sales. If it's significantly cheaper than Adorama or B&H, there's probably some reason you don't want to buy it from the place with a lower price.
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