Help me queue smarter... Where do I begin learning about Websphere MQ / MQSeries?
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Where do I begin learning about IBM Websphere MQ / MQSeries? [preferably online or in recommended books]

I'm looking to make the rest of 2007 a time to learn. While I still have this noble aspiration, I'm looking for some help. I've been vaguely familiar with IBM Websphere MQ / MQSeries for a few years and I want to learn more. My role for the forseeable future has nothing to do with MQ, however I'd still like to skill up.

My little adventures into learning are entirely self funded, so I'm looking for suggestions/recommendations etc for online (CBTs, distance education) courses or books which would help.

I should note that I have searched and found GENERAL resources on messaging or my own weight in IBM redbooks, just wondering if anyone can point me to something they may have found particularly useful.

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All I can suggest is the IBM publications center. Most of their manuals are free and downloadable. You can find it here.
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