Wedding help for Sundance, UT this October
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I'm looking for a DJ, photographer, florist and...marimba player for a wedding in Sundance, UT this October.

It's a low-key, non-Mormon - actually, nondenominational - event. High quality, low price are our two top criteria, plus simple, simple, simple. They can be based in Salt Lake or Provo. Ipod DJs OK. The marimba player would be for the short outdoor ceremony itself - other unusual instruments would work, too.
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For the marimba player, talk to the University of Utah School of Muisc -- schools usually have someone in charge of "outreach" or "PR" who you could contact. Or find the email of the percussion teacher, and ask him/her.

You can probably find a student who could do it for a pretty good price.
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Photographer? Definitely consider Charlotte: her work is fantastic.
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One of my better decisions was to give a family member who liked to take pictures the job of being the photographer. Much cheaper, and we didn't have to deal with any "you have to buy this package with stuff you don't want, and getting the negatives/files will cost thousands extra" nonsense. Most of the pictures are your basic group photo, so you don't necessarily need an artiste for that.

I've been to one wedding in UT. Know that if you plan to have a bar of any kind, or even just wine and beer, that it'll be a long, long drive to the nearest state-run liquor store, and they sell everything, even beer, as singles only.
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Mr. Gunn's suggestion just might work. A family member who'd be enthusiastic about taking on that job might be great and would certainly have the advantage of knowing who should be posed with who, who doesn't get along with who, etc. BUT - do consider that if this enthusiastic family member screws the whole thing up it could get ugly, fast. Nothing like having the memories of a (hopefully) once in a life time event ruined by someone you have to see at every family gathering! Its a lot easier to hate a stranger for messing up than it is your brother in law (or whoever...)
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