Whole grain bagels or sandwiches in Boston
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Where can I get either whole grain bagels or sandwiches in Boston?

What Boston fast food places or cafés offer either whole grain bagels or sandwiches on whole grain bread?
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Best answer: First that comes to mind is Panera.
My brain is completely blanking on the other Panera type chains around.
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Best answer: Finagle-A-Bagel
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My first thought is, where can you not get whole grain bread in Boston? Does whole wheat bagel count? Most of the cafes downtown, in Back Bay, and in the South End should have it. Most of the cafes in the Brighton/Brookline area would, too. Since you say fast food, would you also be amenable to grocery stores? If so, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and several 'independent' shops will definitely have whole grain bread and bagels. Iggy's bread is carried many places (cafes and grocery stores), as is Clear Flour's, and both have very hearty whole grain bagel/bread options. What neighborhood are you in?
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Heck, even my local Shaw's carries not-terrible whole-grain bagels. OP, I think we need a clarification.
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Response by poster: No I meant really cafés.. places where you could order and eat inside... but cocoagirl.. you'd be suprised at how many places don't have it.. That's why I asked the question...
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Best answer: In Bay Village, try Rachel's Kitchen. If I remember correctly, they do have whole grain bread and bagel choices, and if not, the owners are very accomodating so just ask and I'll bet they make an effort to stock them.
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