How can I schedule my shopping and meals better?
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Are there existing websites/wikis out there with shopping+recipe planning lists? I want to shop once or twice a week for food and not have to worry about spoilage. The ideal site would have: buy [shopping list] to make [daily recipes for meals].

I can cook just about anything, but I always end up with mismatched foods in the fridge that don't work together.

I found some books online for this, but want to just try it for a bit first before I buy a bunch of books and find out I don't like the recipes or barely ever use. My web searches only turn up web applications that let you input your plan.
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but Men's Health has a shopping list and one week meal plan here.
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There's Saving Dinner, which you have to pay for. There are a few sample menus on the site.
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There are a number of sites, kind of like saving dinner that it seems like you pay for. Here are two:

Dinner Planner & Dinner Select.

There is also a free site that I haven't used called Meals Matter.

If you try any of these sites, I would love for you to post an update saying which one you liked.
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Here's one week's worth, which includes a shopping list and the recipes for all that week's lunches and dinners.
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The Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine does this and has the shopping list and recipes online. It's just dinners though and for four servings, so that may or may not fit your needs.
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Definitely check out Saving Dinner. You try the sample on the website to see how the recipes fit your tastes and lifestyle. It is also available as a book with dowloadable copies of the shopping list from the website.
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Hey, check your library. Ours has all the recipe books you can ask for, free for 3 weeks (more if you renew it). If you find you really like one, then you can buy it.
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Try Menus 4 Moms it's free and you can elect to have weekly menus emailed to you. They also have a shopping list and recipes for each dish so you just print out the list and go.
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