Deadtree Technology-Centric Magazine Wanted!
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I am looking for a dead-tree publication of the calibre and tenor of the Economist that deals primarily with the political, social and economic implications of technology law and policy of governments, private business and communities generally. Does this even exist? I know there are lots of weblogs associated with credible people and institutions covering these topics (I am even a regular reader of many of them), but I am looking specifically for something that I can carry on public transit and that is not one person or institution's personal publication.

I am specifically looking for high-falutin' cross-industry analysis. Not Wired or anything else gadget-related or cool-new-concept related. Not anything with a tech industry only focus. I do read many of the usual suspects online, but I'm interested in a perspective that is not so very internet-centric (as online-only publications tend to be) and that is not so self-referential (as online-only publications) tend to be. Scholarly pubs (in areas other than law because I already have access to and awareness of most of those) would be appropriate.

If it doesn't exist, anyone want to help me make it? :)
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I've never seen a mag like this, but my friend was telling me yesterday that you can download various Stanford U lectures on these topics from iTunes for free, so if you have an ipod or something it might be a reasonable solution for the public transit case. He said they were super-high quality.
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The thing is that by dint of the subject matter you're asking about, most of the commentary and reportage on those subjects are going to use the techniques in the realm of the subject matter. That is to say, technology criticism and commentary are going to tend to use technological distribution methods (read: internet).
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I've never read it, but maybe Foreign Policy?
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Sounds like a collision between Wired, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, the Atlantic and the Red Herring. That'd be a sweet magazine, IMO. I'd help you!
posted by frogan at 2:28 PM on June 8, 2007 maybe what you're looking for, although it focuses more on business, and it's geared towards women (which may or may not interest you).
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Yeah, actually that sounds like a pretty cool idea. Let me know if you have any interest in getting something started.
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Response by poster: Frogan--you have no contact in your profile. Shoot me an email, if you're serious.
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