Sopranos-themed dessert ideas?
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Any ideas for a good Sopranos-themed dessert food for the finale on Sunday? Specifically, any tips on decorating cupcakes with a Sopranos-related theme? I've seen these Hoffa cupcakes and as of now that's the direction I'm looking, but anything else come to the minds of you creative types? Nothing too complicated, ideally... Thanks!
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Surely you've considered cannoli?
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It's got to be cannoli. Go to a little Italian bakery and you can just buy the shells, and then you can make the filling yourself. Drizzle them with a dark red glaze and you're all set.
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My daughter gave my husband The Sopranos Family Cookbook, which is filled with recipes of food either talked about or eaten on the show. If you like I can list the desert recipes and you could let me know if any sound intriguing. The recipes aren't gimmicky or cutesy like Jimmy Hoffa cupcakes, but they are delish, and very authentic.
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Blood orange granita.

(basic recipe here, just substitute blood orange juice. And add a little Cointreau and spumante for fun)
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Recipe for ricotta-pineapple pie (remember Carmella's ricotta pie, made in exchange for a reference for Meadow?) here. As well as other Sopranos finale food ideas.
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I can't speak to recent episodes, but sfogliatelle were often mentioned, bought, and eaten during early episodes.
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Maybe not a dessert, but what about Johnnie Cakes!
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cannolis, sure... but how are you pronouncing it?
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I'm trying to think of some visual pun based on "Leave the gun, take the cannoli," but I'm getting nowhere. Cannoli served on a plate with a picture of a gun on it? Argh.
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Peach Melba (named after famed soprano)?
Bada Bing Cherry pie?
Paulie Walnut torte?
Carmela apples?
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Silvio Dante's Inferno Cakes (devil's food with red raspberry filling)
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