Problems with speed control in Final Cut Pro
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Help with Final Cut Pro: How come I sometimes lose the ability to alter the "speed" or "duration" of a .DV or Quicktime clip? It says "a conflict occured during a trim operation."

Right now it's ridiculous, I have a piece of video I'm trying to set at "100%" speed and it won't let me. It was at 135% and I'm trying to restore it to its original speed. Why won't it let me? This is an ongoing mystery with this program, these speed control issues happen all the time.
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command J.

Type 100%
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Best answer: Move the clip to the end of your timeline (or far past it.)

The "Conflict" occurs because of this:

When you slow down a clip, it becomes longer - final cut moves all the clips after it LATER to keep everything else in sync.

When you make it faster, it becomes shorter, and final cut moves everything up earlier to keep everything in sync.

This works great, unless, in trying to keep your work in sync, two clips collide on other tracks (technically, FCP is treating the speed changes as a "trim" operation - where you make the clip longer.)
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