Where can I find a good doctor in Philadelphia that will help me diagnose Celiac disease?
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Where can I find a good doctor in Philadelphia that will help me diagnose Celiac disease?

I was "kind of" diagnosed with Celiac disease about a year ago by my previous doctor. My symptoms pointed towards it but the Blood Work tests came back with results that the doctor said weren't definitive. They told me to try the diet and see how I felt. I've been doing just that since then and I do believe I see a difference. I moved to Philadelphia more permanently recently and have to get a new doctor. Any suggestions on a doctor in the area that is familiar with Celiac? Thanks!
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Any internist should be able to start the workup, and refer you appropriately (biopsy is the gold standard for diagnosis), and that would be done by a GI doc.
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I believe to get a proper diagnosis via biopsy, you have to have been eating the equivalent of one piece of wheat bread each day for one month. If you've been eating a gluten free diet, you will test negative for Celiac.
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I don't have an answer for you for the Celiac, but I do have doctor's recommendations for Philly.

Email's in the profile if you're interested.
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A gastroenterologist can make a definitive diagnosis of celiac disease by biopsy. Your primary care physician can help determine if your symptoms are that of celiac and help you get the proper testing. Good luck!
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These guys did it for me. Non-quackery, do it from anywhere - my GI doc referred me to them.

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