Where to stay for one night in Honolulu?
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We need a decent but not expensive place to stay for one night in Honolulu. There are 4 of us; 3 adults and an 11 year old. Suggestions?
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Depending on your range of expensive is< i can recommend several. the former hawaii polo inn, now known as equus, is serviceable, near anything you're likely to need, and less than a fortune. my br> e-mail is in my profile if I can help you with reservations. It may be possible to register you in my name to get you the local resident rate.
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I've stayed at the Hawaiiana. literally a half block from the beach and the extremely oppulent Halekulani (our idea was to stay somewhere cheap but indulge in good food and drink). It was about ~$100 night.
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Looks like the Hawaiiana is next to the Breakers where I stayed, and they offer similar rates and accommodations. If you're coming from the airport, the hotel is about 10 miles away and cab fare ran about $25.
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