Cheap Vegas, again?
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Cheap Vegas Filter: John and I plus a couple of random friends are heading to Vegas this month. We've been many times and we always have a lot of fun doing it on the cheap. However, we'd like to find new and exciting and/or hidden bargains. There's a bit

I've read the previous askMefi thread on the topic, and I've also been to the websites such as Cheapovegas and the 10 ten list at The Las Vegas Advisor. We know about free slot play, gambling on the cheap, coupon books, $5 dollar steak at Ellis Island and most of the well known "secrets". I would love to hear any personal stories (good or bad) about experiences with other bargains in Vegas, including but not limited to: cheap food, cheap drinks and cheap/free entertainment. We're lucky to already have our room, but I still get a thrill reading about other people's success stories in finding great deals. (I'm kind of a thrify geek)

Along the same lines, I'd love to hear personal experiences with buffets. I don't mind spending money on buffets that have a good selection of interesting/high quality food (I mean, as far as Vegas buffets go). So far we've been to the Spice Market at the Old Aladdin, Carnival World Buffet at the Rio, Le Village Buffet at Paris and the Sunday Brunch at the Mirage. Any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your stories!
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phatkitten doesn't specify which buffet at the bellagio. I haven't had their lunch or dinner buffet, but I have to say their breakfast buffet (which is much cheaper than the lunch/dinner, but still expensive for breakfast) is absolutely amazing. Worth it for sure.

I don't know if they still have it, but Barbary Coast had a weekly $1 anything night on drinks. I expected them to only have crappy light beers, etc etc. However, $1 anything means $1 anything - from shots to mixed drinks etc of decent quality liquors. I have to say it's fun to be able to afford buying a whole round for you and your 9 friends.

There's a place outside on the strip sort of near MGM that offers last minute tickets to shows at a pretty steep discount. You're not going to get Cirque tickets or anything, but you might get to see a decent comedian or magician for $20 a person instead of $40-50. Sorry, I forget the name.

That's all I've got for now. I'll be watching this thread for tips myself!
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This would fall under "cheap entertainment" and if you've been scouting things out maybe you've found it, but the Pinball Hall of Fame is a blast.

Do you do the pool-hopping thing? It's the best way to raise your heartbeat in Vegas without betting a penny. Here's some of the easier places to get into:
Flamingo pool: Use the self park garage out back and just walk to the pool from outside.

Venetian pool:Go to the Canal of Shops. The elevators are behind locked doors that require a room key to open. Guests are going in & out frequently, just follow someone else in. Take the elevator up to the 4th floor & you're there. Someone hands out towels, but likely won't ask to check.

Hard Rock pool used to be easy.

The Luxor's pool has an attendant at the entrance to check room keys, but it used to be easy to go in through the exit.

And if not of those work or appeal to you then head straight to
the Ellis Island Casino & Brewery where their microbrews are always 1$.
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The 99 cent shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate on Fremont St. is good. Get two; the line's too long to go back and do it again.

When I was last there they also had a giant plastic football full of beer, something like 56 oz., for $5. It was sort of nasty but the price was right.

Their crap table has decent (10x) free odds too.
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