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What provisions of the PATRIOT Act govern the opening of my Roth IRA?

I recently opened a Roth IRA through T. Rowe Price. In order to meet certain "PATRIOT Act" requirements, I am being required to mail in a W-9 form and photocopies of my Social Security card and drivers license to T. Rowe Price.

What part(s) of the PATRIOT Act require my IRA custodian to have these on file?
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For proof of identity - it's part of the anti-money laundering provisions of section 326.
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This is to keep evil terrorists and evildoers from opening retirement accounts. Actually, it isn't your IRA, it is you're opening up a new bank account and the PATRIOT Act requires banks confirm the identity of their customers. If you already have a relationship with a bank, it isn't required. If you walked into a brick and mortar bank you'd be asked for the same stuff.

It is in section 326 of the PATRIOT Act. Here's a description of the rule set up between the FDIC and the Treasury Dept.

Google section 326 patriot act and you'll see there's a whole industry around it.
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In particular, this is called the "Know Your Customer" provisions of the PATRIOT Act. The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelpia publication SRC Insights has a nice, brief, overview of the relevant background and a summary of the requirements.
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If you bring your passport to a brick and mortar bank, they skip the other stuff (or at least they did for me).
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