Where to find fun statistical odds?
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Where can I find quick, reliable everyday probability/statistical information on the net?

I am doing some quick and dirty statistical research for a project I'm working on. I'm looking for a site full of different sports/general life odds to compare against a set of odds I already have.

For example: Let's say "event x" has a probability of 1 in 5. I'm trying to put together statements like: "You have a better chance of 'event x' than ________________." I need to fill in that blank with different events with worse odds, hence I need to find a place where I can find already computed data to throw in there (IANAM). My primary focus is sports odds (not so much betting and team odds as event odds - like seeing a home run or grand slam at a baseball game, or bowing three strikes in a row).

I'm just looking for some high level sites. If you know of any sites with these fun little statistical facts throw them at me!
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AskMe: The stats of bowling 300
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JSTOR: Simeon Poisson and the NHL
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The holy grail of this sort of thing is the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics. Whether you want death by shark attack or the chance of contracting an obscure disease, it's got everything.
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