Names joined before?
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My fiance and I started wondering if two people with our same last names have ever been married before.

Is there a way to determine whether or not a McDonough and a Colucci were ever wed?
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i'm sure if you had five or ten years to kill going through marriage licenses in every town in the country, you might be off to a good start...
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by the way, make that fiancee...
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There are search engines that allow you to search births, deaths and marriages registers. For example,

I would talk to a genealogist or genealogical society to find out whether they have any advice for tracking down this sort of information.
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The easiest way would be to check something like Lexis-Nexis if that happened to index newspapers that ran wedding announcements. Since those are Irish and Italian names, maybe you could try New York area-papers first--the NYTimes has full archives up since like the 1800s.
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Mormons are into genealogy to an almost scary degree, as they're encouraged to baptize dead ancestors. I am not familiar with any of the databases, but I believe is mormon owned, and I'm certain there's a few others. You might only get parents, birth, and death for most names, but there should be a way to narrow the criteria to find what you need.
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This is just a curious aside, but I had a great grandmother named O'Sullivan who married a Mr. Sullivan. All she lost was her O'.
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You could try and put in the two last names. This is also a Mormon site.

Also, but it would be harder there to search for two last names for spouses unless you were focused on a specific region.

I bet if you focused on the Boston area you may find one. I know so many Irish/Italian families (assuming Coluci is Italian) and I even know people with those last names...
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A quick search of Texas marriage's on Ancestry shows several Smith's marrying other Smith's, within the past decade or two.

In my genealogy research I've come across a few cousins marrying cousins with the same surname.

I didn't find any marriage's between a Colucci and McDonough, but I only quickly searched Texas, Florida, Kentucky, and Nevada.
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