hotel in san antonio for under $100
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I need a hotel (or motel) for under $100 for June 23-25 in San Antonio, Texas.

I have browsed through lots of hotels on expedia, orbitz and the like, but I could really use some firsthand experience or reviews. I'm looking for something cheap, but preferably newish and clean, in a good area.

I *have* been to San Antonio before, but they're usually trips centered around shopping, and with my whole family. I only really know the area near the airport, and are not really sure about other areas. This time I'm going with my boyfriend and another couple, to a concert at the AT&T center, so closeness to the place could be good, but not a must.

If you'd like to throw in some suggestions of what we could do, apart from the concert and some shopping, I'd appreciate that.
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100 per day?
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You didn't say whether or not you've done the usual touristy things in San Antonio besides shopping so I'm assuming you haven't.

The AT&T Center is very near downtown and the Riverwalk. I would suggest that you look at hotels on the Riverwalk or close by. I've stayed at the La Quinta Convention Center. It's very nice and a short walk to the Riverwalk. You could go to Fiesta Texas or Sea World. And of course, the Alamo is directly across the street from the Riverwalk.
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I stayed at the Red Roof inn that's near the alamo and it was reasonable. Nothing fancy, but it was decently priced and near enough to the alamo and riverwalk area that you can walk there in 10-15 minutes.
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The Motel 6 Market Square is $72 a night for a single adult and about 6 blocks from the riverwalk. It was nice enough when we stayed there.
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Whatever you do, avoid the Rodeway Inn Downtown. It's cheap, and the trolley is nearby, but there were cockroaches in the room, a noisy nightclub just down the block, and really rude staff.
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Places to eat: you must eat at one of the following three restaurants, in order of preference: La Margarita, Mi Tierra, or Pico de Gallo. All three are in or near El Mercado, the market just at the edge of downtown; they're all owned by the same family, and it's the best Tex-Mex you can get in San Antonio. (I lived there for 20 years.) And if you try hard, you can pull off the trifecta and eat at all three in a 24-hour period -- I managed to do that only once, after I moved away from San Antonio and went back on a corporate expense account with a gang of guys who all felt it was a good challenge to pull off. It was. :)
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Oops, I'll go ahead and close that strong tag... I'm a moron.
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yes, $100 per day...seemed obvious to me but I should have specified.

I haven't done the touristy things in a while. I went to the Riverwalk boat thingy and the Alamo way back in the early '90s.

Keep the suggestions coming and oh, thanks for the restaurant suggestions, although I don't think I'll be looking for tex-mex food since I get the mexican food experience everyday here. (I'm in Mexico)
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Thanks Burhanistan for the "related" posts, but I went through those already. The ones about things to do help, but the one about an affordable hotel doesnt really help, as that guy seemed to have a bigger budget. That Painted Lady place that was marked as best answer is waaay out of my budget.
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Try Tripadvisor. The hotels on or very near the Riverwalk would be my first choice. If you can't get anything there that you like, I'd try some place besides downtown. [Tripadvisor lists Downtown/Riverwalk as one area, and a lot of "downtown" is likely to be fairly deserted.] There are a lot of hotels on Loop 410, for instance.
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