Why can't I add new mp3s to my Itunes library?
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A month or so ago, I became unable to add new tracks to Itunes. Whether I try to add via clicking on the track, dragging into iTunes, or adding the track from the file menu, the result is the same. I have also tried changing my preferences so that the track does not copy to the iTunes library when it is added; still the same. When I try to add a track, my hard drive just spins and makes a little clicking noise and iTunes goes into "not responding" mode, with the spinning pinwheel.

It sounds like a hard drive problem, but I am able to play tracks via other apps from this hard drive while this is happening. I am also able to add tracks to the hard drive without any problems. The drive is a LaCie Porsche 160gb.

My music library is also quite large, about 130gb. I am on a MacBook, running OS 10.4.9.

Any ideas?
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How much empty space does OSX think you have on that drive?

Have you tried to repair it in Disk Utility?
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If you're force-quitting you're probably just interrupting the import. ITunes has a notoriously bad database, so for 130G of files it's going to take a long time before it even copies the file. Just let it sit.
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Have you updated iTunes? Do you have the same problem when you buy tracks from the iTunes store?
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Yeah, seconding check for iTunes updates. I've had all sorts of screwy problems, including not being able to play, import, or purchase music- they were all resolved by updating the software.
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Seconding letting it sit 'n' spin for a while. I have the same LaCie drive as you, with only about 35 gigs of tunes on it, and it will sometimes take quite a while to read or copy stuff over.

Try a disk utility program - Disk Warrior, maybe.
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Since you have 10.4.9, it's safe to assume you have at least iTunes 7. It sounds like there might be a corrupt library file. You could try renaming "iTunes Music Library.xml" to "iTunes Music Library 2.xml" and starting up iTunes. You can then re-import your music. If it isn't a disk problem, this will likely fix it, though with 130 GB, this could take a while. Also, if your drive is in a windows format (FAT or NTFS) this would likely affect performance.
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I would look into the possibility of a permissions issue. If you do a Get Info on the external drive, is the "Ignore ownership on this volome" checkbox checked? If not, what permissions do you have on the volume? You may be able to fix the issue by repairing permissions, but you may also have to go through and check individual files and troubleshoot that way. Make sure your iTunes Music Library file gives you Read/Write permissions, and make sure you have read/Write permissions on your external drive and all subfolders (Music/iTunes/iTunes Music).

Just a thought. Good luck!
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