What's the best TV/Internet/Phone bundle?
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I've noticed that the cable/phone/internet companies are offering bundle packages. What's the best package: Verizon or Comcast?
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There's no universal answer to this question. First off, depending on your state and local jurisdiction, the cable and phone companies are subject to different regulations that limit how much (and now little) they can charge. Secondly, the bundles are not identical, and the best deal for you will vary based on what TV and phone extras and Internet speed you want.

Where I live you can bundle Comcast unlimited long-distance phone, high-speed Internet and TV for $33 each. But the deal expires after a few months, at which point rates rise rapidly. Also, the $33 doesn't include taxes or extra stuff like DVR, HD and premium channels. We had the bundle for a while, and once the promotion ended the total bundle was probably around $150 per month.

Qwest has different tiers of Internet speed, so pricing will vary, but the package I just signed up for is less than what we were paying to Comcast. They also claim guarantee the price for life, whereas Comcast generally raises rates every year. Qwest doesn't offer TV here yet, though, so we still get that through Comcast.

Also: Do you need unlimited long distance? If you have a cell phone, do you even need a land line? If your cell phone is really important to you, would you consider switching that service to Qwest to maximize your bundling? Comcast doesn't have cell service (yet), as far I as know.
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Do you even have much of a choice in your area for such a bundle? Our town allows Comcast to offer all three services, but Verizon is currently only allowed to offer internet through their FIOS service and their normal phone service. They've been wrangling over providing television for a while to no avail, which is a shame as their TV service looks a bit better, and cheaper, than Comcast's. Worth looking into if it's available.
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In my area, my folks have been avoiding Comcast because of MASSIVE customer complaints. Plus, they said that they couldn't install cable lines to our house to run internet on.

Verizon wired our whole fucking neighborhood for Fios (which is the best fucking thing out there IMO) and was able to do a smaller bundled package with just phone+internet because the County Counsel was so far up Comcast's ass that Verizon has had to sue them a shitload in order to get them to shit them out.

Seriously, FIOS is the shiznit.
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