looking for one bedroom apartments in Petworth (DC)
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I'm planning to move to out of my current studio apartment in DC to a larger one bedroom in the Petworth neighborhood (though the northern end of Columbia Heights/southern 14th St Heights would be possible as well) in DC. I'm looking to start mid-July to August 1st. I need some advice on what complexes might be worth looking at - there are plenty of apartment ratings and listings for more gentrified parts of DC, but very little there.

I'd like a decently sized one-bedroom apartment close to the metro for under $1000/month. I have called around to a few places and this hasn't been a problem to find - however, I have not been able to find reviews or recommendations of which apartment buildings might be worth renting from, and I'd like to be careful before signing a 1 years lease for a new place.

I'd like to stick to that location because its reasonably safe, decent amenities, walkable to my job and I have family close by - so other neighborhood suggestions are not preferred.

Do any current Petworth residents have any thoughts on buildings that they live at and recommend (or recommend that I avoid?) Any and all thoughts would be great.
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I would try some neighborhood blogs, like Prince of Petworth & ask there in the comments maybe?

I used to live in Petworth, in the late 90's, the streets near the Metro were not the safest then (but there wasn't a Metro either).. I didn't have any trouble with the building I lived in itself, on Kansas Ave near Georgia, it was the neighborhood that was the problem! I would drive around and see what the ambiance is like, especially at night, or hop the Metro up there and walk around. You could also stop by Temperance Hall and see what people there could give advice.
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Response by poster: Yup, ive walked around plenty at night and feel comfortable. I was mainly most concerned about getting a bad apartment with a bad management company.
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I don't know if they own any buildings in Petworth (they seem to have a bunch all over the city), but PLEASE avoid The Gelman Management Company, they are completely incompetent and horrible and awful.
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As an FYI, this was posted over at Metroblogging DC; one of the commenters even says they have a basement apartment available soon.
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