Songs about a bad man/woman
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I need songs about cheating partners / lovers

I recently found out that an ex I had been concerned about and mildly pining for turned out to be a slut. It hit me hard, but now I'm moving on. I thought that music therapy might be just the thing.

I'm looking for songs about a partner or lover (man or woman) who turned out to be no good, cheated, or were just bad news in general. The more anguished and heartfelt the lyrics or song, the better.

I'm not a big fan of country, but all other genres are welcome.

Thanks a ton, MeFi!
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I Saw Her Again Last Night is a good example. John Phillips wrote it after he discovered that Michelle and Denny Doherty were having an affair. He said in an interview that he got satisfaction knowing that they would have to sing it over and over again to remind them of their indiscretion.
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It's Not Right But It's Ok by Whitney Houston.
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Without my computer or music collection hand, I recommend that you start with "Your Cheatin' Heart" on repeat until I can find some more answers.
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Best answer: See this thread. Or this one. Or this one. And also this one.
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It's a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll: Carrie Underwood's "Before he Cheats"
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Cake's cover of Willie Nelson(?): "Sad Songs and Waltzes"
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Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under (video) by Shania Twain
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Oops. Misread your question. You don't like country. Scratch Shania off your list.
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As someone who's ex insisted on listening to sappy breakup music in the end- I suggest you forget about it. You can ruin a lot of otherwise good music for yourself by focusing on the stupid one-size-fits-all-breakups lyrics.
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You're asking about probably one-third of all music ever written.
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Don't use my broken heart to pick up other girls by Leona Naess

Caught Out There by Kelis

Not The Only One by Amerie
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Elvis Costello, complete works.
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Falling Out - surprise, it's Ween
Baby Bitch - also, Ween
You fucked up - Ween
(Ween kinda had a bad run)

Meaningless - Magnetic Fields
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Bob Dylan OR Mike Ness
Promises - Buzzcocks
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haha, hasty reordering of Ween = nonsense commentary
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frank zappa - bamboozled by love
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Best answer: Johnny Cash - Delia's Gone
Guns N Roses - Used to Love Her
Frank Zappa - Bamboozled By Love
Eazy E - Only If You Want It
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Robert Cray has about one song per album. "Strong Persuader", "Porch Light", "The Forecast Calls for Pain" are among my favorites.
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Franz Ferdinand, "Cheating on You"
Eagles, "Lyin' Eyes"
Marvin Gaye, "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"
Clarence Carter, "Slip Away"
James Carr, "The Dark End of the Street"
At the dark end of the street
That is where we always meet
Hiding in shadows where we don't belong
Living in darkness, to hide alone
You and me, at the dark end of the street
All Time Best Songs About Cheating
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Harry Nilsson - You're Breaking My Heart (from Son of Schmilsson) :

You're breaking my heart, you're tearing it apart, so FUCK YOU!
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Steely Dan - Everything You Did
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Offspring - Self Esteem
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The Other Man - Sloan

nthing rhizome's and sunshinesky's comments - those are your best answers both right there :)
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Lies - The Knickerbockers
You Tore Me Down - The Flamin' Groovies or Yo La Tengo
Tom Drunk - U Roy & Hopeton Lewis
A Cheat - Lee Hazelwood (actually, most of Requiem for an Almost Lady)
You've Been Cheatin' - The Impressions
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50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon
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Offspring, Shania Twain... wow. Some musical giants being thrown out up in here.

Guns N Roses - Used to Love Her

it's about his dog, but still a good song. always fun to re-live 80s controversies.

"I want by my money back" by Ben Folds 5 is not 100% about cheating but in the ballpark.

'Does he love you?" by Rilo Kiley is really really good.
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It is pretty ubiquitous right now on Top 40, so forgive me for stating the obvious, but Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good" sounds exactly like what you're looking for.

Here's the YouTube video, in case you've been in a cave recently.
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Other Woman by Nina Simone deals more with the other woman than the cheater, but might fit the bill.
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One of my favorites if you like a bit of country is Gram Parsons Kiss the Children. What I love about it is that you have to wait for the last chorus to understand exactly how hurt he is...
I'll second Elvis Costello. If you want a song then one of the best is I Want You -one of the best angry love songs there is. If you like your music a little on the easy side then you could also go for the album Painted by Memory that Elvis did with Burt Bacharach. One album all about divorce is Here, my Dear by Marvin Gaye -angry, smooth and funky in equal measure.
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Oh also check out It should have been Me. The Yvonne Fair version from the album The Bitch is Black is great.
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This seems to be the unstated theme of Shellac's Prayer to God.
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Though, of course, that may not be the kind of "anguished and heartfelt" that you were going for.
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Dudley - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
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And, for that matter, Cheated Hearts - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
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I'm not a big fan of country

Shame, because you're missing out on the best cheating song of all time -- Hank Williams 'Your Cheating Heart'
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"Never Wanna F'n See You Again" - Rich Hardesty
"Want Ads" - Honey Cone
"I Know There's Something Going On" - Frida
"Feel A Whole Lot Better" - The Byrds or Tom Petty
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I Can See for Miles - The Who
Run For Your Life - The Beatles
Wendy - The Beach Boys
I Know About Her - The DC Blossoms
Cry Me a River - Julie London, or tons of others
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"What Goes Around"-- Justin Timberlake
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Also, "What Goes Around" -- Alicia Keys

"Beautiful Liar" -- Shakira and Beyonce

"Walkin' After Midnight" and "Crazy" -- Patsy Cline (who, whether you like country music or not-- is amazing and an expert on suffering)

"These Boots Were Made for Walkin" -- Nancy Sinatra

"I Will Survive" -- Gloria Gaynor
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Even So - Rachael Yamagata
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