Replacement parts for Samsung d807
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Due to clumsiness on my part, I have lost the battery cover to my new Samsung d807 slide phone. Both Rogers and Samsung say they can't help me. I need to source a new cover, either online or somewhere in southern Ontario.

I dropped the phone and lost the cover to the battery section one evening a week or so ago (yes, alcohol was involved). When I took the phone back to Rogers where I bought it, they said I had to talk to Samsung directly to get a replacement piece. When I called Samsung, they told me I had to get it from the local repair shop through the Rogers dealer. The Rogers dealer then told me no, and that the repair shop doesn't have or order replacement covers, and to try eBay.

I searched eBay with no luck - lots of accessories, covers and cases, but no replacement parts. Does anyone have a source for where I can get a new piece? The phone is totally functional, just missing this one piece. I don't want to have to replace the whole phone. I'm in Hamilton Ontario - a place where I could go without having to leave my phone would be great, or even better would be a source online where I can just order the piece and have it delivered.
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Call Samsung back and raise bloody hell until you get to someone who will help. If that fails, threaten your cell provider that you will return it.
If you are out of the return period, you are prolly still in the warranty period. A good static shock will if properly applied, fry the circuitry and oblige them to replace it.
Ethical? Not entirely, but neither is not stocking replacement parts. You think you're the first to lose a battery cover??
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If all else fails, duct tape is your relevant savior.
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eBay appears to have some things that, if I understand what's being offered right, might help you.
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Actually, boom, here you go, a replacement battery cover for $11 -- $4 for the cover, $7 for shipping. Don't know anything about the seller, just found it on there.
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If all else fails, search for a broken phone on ebay for under ten dollars.
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I actually didn't see that before, WCityMike - they don't ship to Canada, so it didn't show up in my searches before this. That's exactly what I need though, it's perfect - I can't order it though. Thanks for looking, though, I appreciate it.
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Both Rogers AND Bell should be able to order this part. I personally worked for a Rogers dealership for a couple years (ending last year) and there was never any issue ordering a battery cover. Ever. You might just have to find a location that is willing to do it for you. Might have better luck at a dealership than a Corporate store, FYI.
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Part# GH75-09495A

Aftermarket Cellular
Cellular Store
Apex Battery
Cellular Accessories
Wireless Galaxy
The Source by Circuit City

Not sure if any of these sites are reputable but it's a start, at least.
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