How much money does a technology coordinator make?
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What kind of salary can I expect as a computer lab technology coordinator at a fancy private school in the Boston area?

I am interested in this job as a technology coordinator for a school. The position would involve managing and maintaining about eighty computers and one server, supervising the computer lab while classes use it, and collaborating with teachers to develop curriculum to make use of all the new, fancy technology. I have two years of teaching experience and one year of low-level tech support experience. I would be part of the IT department at the school, and have two supervisors in that department. The salary scale for the position is stated as $30,000-$80,000, depending on qualifications. I need help figuring out what kind of initial offer to expect, or what salary to ask for. Help?
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I worked as the instructional technology coordinator for a small private university. The salary wasn't that great but I absolutely loved my job. If the salary had been better, I probably would still be there. Since you do not have a long history of tech support experience, you may be looking at the lower end of the salary range they've listed. I would ask them about potential for advancement when you interview. If there is a large potential for advancement/raises and you really love the job you might want to factor that into what salary you would consider. I really can't offer any advice on an exact amount because I'm unfamiliar with the Boston job market. Best of luck to you.
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Personal experience:
I'm the IT coordinator for a Catholic school with 4 servers and 200 computers at two campuses. I made $27,000 this year and getting a raise to $30,000 next year. The guy before me made $42,000 in the same exact position. He had experience and was academically trained in computers (I came from a bio-sciences background).
I imagine that my little town's cost of living is less than Boston. Additionally (and probably most importantly), Catholic school personal typically makes less than public schools, particularly where I work.

I've also looked at the figures and could move back to Atlanta today starting at $50,000 for doing the same thing, and that's with one year's experience and only being in charge of one campus.
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Oh, and to add to GlowWyrm:
I absolutely love my job in the school. After working here, I plan on staying in academia and have no desire to go back to industry. Pay kinda sucks, but the pros far outweigh the lack of disposal income.
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private schools generally pay less much (for teachers and staff) than public ones and business in general. Mainly because they are pleasant to work at.
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