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Name of movie where man has foreknowledge that young woman will be killed while crossing a busy intersection, and he tries to prevent it.
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Best answer: I think it's Brad Anderson's Happy Accidents.
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Best answer: I agree with hermitosis, but what the hell. Are you sure it was not a woman trying to save a man?:

In the film, The Lake House, Kate Forster communicates with Alex Wyler by means of a mysterious mail box even though she lives in 2006 and he lives in 2004. She can send information back through time and he can send it forward. Kate finds out that he died in an automobile accident and warns him not to cross the street that day. Thus forewarned, Alex does not cross the street and is able to join Kate at the mailbox shortly after she delivers the warning. Thus the past that Kate remembers has been changed (Alex hasn't died), and no harmful consequences seem to ensue from this paradox.
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It's almost certainly Happy Accidents; it describes the movie's plot exactly.
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I think Lentrohamsanin was supposed to say "What is Happy Accidents".
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I vote Happy Accidents.
Its a good movie they show on IFC. It's with Vincent D'Onofrio as the male lead. Definitly a wierd film but really good and D'Onofrio does a great job as usual.

The plot fits. It is about a guy who is either a time traveler or crazy and he is intent on saving the girl's life. There's a big scene with a taxi cab speeding through an intersection as she is on the cross walk.
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My first thought was Happy Accidents as well.

And unlike some questions I've read here, this one's succinct, brief and straight to the point.

Only tip for you mqr13 is to mark Lentrohamsanin's answer as a best answer if it's right. Always good etiquette. And don't let anyone put you off posting again!
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I bet you would have remembered if you were thinking of the classic Star Trek episode "City on the Edge of Forever".
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Possibly Static II: White Light. But I sure hope not.
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"City on the Edge of Forever" was my first thought as well. (DISCLAIMER: I am a huge nerd.)
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And here I was wondering if anyone else had thought of "City on the Edge of Forever."
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