How do I shot dsp
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Does anyone know a good linux/freebsd dsp plugin besides the sc_trans one from nullsoft? It does what I need, which is take a list of mp3s and shuffle them, but it won't play nice with id3 tags.

I just need a commandline dsp plugin that'll shuffle a bunch of mp3s and send the title (based on id3) to the shoutcast daemon. Any ideas? The point of all this is to get around needing to have a real copy of winamp streaming crap to shoutcast all the time. Thank you in advance!
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Best answer: I'm interested in this as well, as a workaround i renamed the files to artist-song using id3lib, but yeah, that still sortof sucks.
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Best answer: also, though i haven't tried it, this looks like it might fit the bill:
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Response by poster: Sweet. I'll check those out tonight. Thanks.
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Response by poster: Also, looks like streamtranscoder is in ports. sweet.
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Response by poster: Alright, I ended up using ices0 and icecast2. Reads id3 tags, can read a list of files and shuffle it, which is exactly what I wanted. Thanks!
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