I'd like some continuity please.
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Is there a way to set up Preview and the preview in TexShop to display the pdf in continuous mode rather than one-single-page-at-a-time mode? I know you can do this for each document individually through the menus (or by right-clicking), but is there some hidden preference (in the plist?) that I can change to coerce Preview and TexShop to display in continuous mode by default?
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If you use the hyperref package with LaTeX, include the option pdfpagelayout=OneColumn when loading hyperref. That should ensure the resulting pdf always opens in continuous mode.
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My TeXShop defaults to continuous mode. Deleting TeXShop.plist doesn't affect this so it seems to be the default in my version, which is Version 2.10beta8 (210).
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I could be totally hallucinating this, but I have a vague recollection of this behavior changing between versions of TexShop.

Maybe it had to do with something else that I changed at the same time, but I could swear that a few years ago, TexShop only displayed one page at a time (I recall editing a big paper for publication using it like that, and clicking the PgForward/PgBack buttons a lot), but when I just fired it up, it was in continuous mode from the start.

What version are you running?
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My TeXShop also defaults to continuous mode. I got it about a month ago (maybe a little longer) so I'd try the latest version.
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Response by poster: @Kedin2048 and crinklebat: I used to run version 2.10b8 of texShop. It has (like Preview) never defaulted to continuous mode, and so I always end up having to right-click the particular document I'm editing to change this the first thing I do. I tried to update to the latest version (2.10b10) but still no luck.

@Wolfdog: I did try using hyperref like so: "\usepackage[pdfpagelayout=OneColumn]{hyperref}", but it still previews one page at a time as default.
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