It's pronounced "Orygun".
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Portlandfilter: Where can I find this hoodie?

I have a friend who is relocating to Portland, Oregon soon on his birthday. I saw an "Orygun" hooded sweatshirt once, and I think he might like that as a present. I'm pretty sure it was from UofO.. but I can't seem to find it on sale anywhere online. I know it wasn't a personalized shirt that I saw because I've seen similar stickers on cars. Anybody?? Thanks, guys!
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They used to sell this design on t-shirts and hoodies at the U of O Bookstore shop, and may still, but I can't find it online either. It's still available as a bumper sticker. On clothing, it may well be an out of print design that you'll have to luck into it used or get your own reproduction made.
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The OSU bookstore sold ones that said "Orygun Stayt", back when I went to school there. But all of that was a long time ago; it was something of a running gag in the 1970's and early 1980's but may have died of old age by now.
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Best answer: I'd just get it from Neighborhoodies, far easier that tracking down where the one you saw came from.
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Try the U of O store at SW 2nd and Main.
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Best answer: Wow, I would be surprised if they discontinued that; it was super popular. I'd call the UO Bookstore and ask. The Eugene store probably has better/more stock than the Portland one, though I don't see it on their site. The bumper sticker that maniactown links may be your best bet, but you should ask the bookstore staff if they know of anywhere else in town to get it.
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