Well, it's not a platypus, but what is it?
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When and where does this little ornamental object (maybe a brooch) come from? Any guesses? I cut the picture out of a National Geographic several years ago, but I know nothing about it, and I'm getting curious because I like it a lot.

Additional questions: what kind of bird is it? What kind of stone do you think that is? Where could I find more information (or somebody who might know)?
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Any guesses?

Pelican, turquoise and copper. Just guesses. The bird is adorable, for some reason. Very pretty trinket!
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Best answer: It's from Sipan, on the north coast of Peru. I think it's an ear plug, and the image is a muscovy duck.
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Some more info on this page:

Scroll down a bit for the duck image.
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This image shows the shafts at the back of the plugs that go through holes in the ear lobe, in case you were wondering how they are worn.
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So cool, nomis....an earplug.
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Response by poster: Cool! Thank you for identifying it (and so quickly). It's fun to see more pictures after staring at mine so much, and now I have a bunch of cultural context to learn about. I'm not sure Muscovy ducks look quite like it, but it does look like a duck of some kind.

The one in that picture is in much better shape (looks like this one) -- do you think it's the same object after some restoration, or a different one, maybe a reproduction?
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Best answer: Martha Cooper was the National Geographic photographer who photographed that Sipan ear ornament with the representation of a Muscovy duck. You can buy a poster of one of her photographs of that artifact from allposters.com.
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The Moche are pretty awesome. I saw an exhibition of Moche pottery at the Harvard Peabody museum a while ago, and some of the pieces were just phenomenal.
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Response by poster: Follow-up: If you're curious, I wrote a blog post about what I figured out with the help of these answers. :)
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