Why does Flash fail to install on my Mac?
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Why does Flash fail to install correctly on my Intel-based Mac?

I tried to update Flash the other day and it failed to install. I've tried a couple more times and it's just not working. Can you help me debug the problem?

I've tried installing with Firefox. It reports that the installation failed with no error message.

I also tried using the installer from the Flash site. It terminates without error but Flash doesn't work in Firefox or Safari.

In the console, I see the following:

'Sun 03 Jun 2007 06:42:32 -800'
/Users/davido/Library/Application Support/604187: line 1: Continue: command not found
mkdir: /Users/davido/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/: File exists
mkdir: /Users/davido/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/: File exists
/Users/davido/Library/Application Support/614982: line 1: Continue: command not found

Anyone have any ideas?
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I'm having the same problem on my PowerMac G4 and on the windows box at work. It's not us. It must be something Adobe screwed up.
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My dad has the same problem on his macbook pro. It indeed seems to be an all-too-common Adobe installer fuckup.
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Best answer: I had the same problem when updating Flash a few weeks ago on my Intel iMac. It seems to be a conflict between newer and older components of the Flash installation.

Here's what worked for me: Run Adobe's Flash uninstaller to get rid of all the older components, use Disk Utility to repair disk permissions, then run the Adobe installer again.
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Hm. I'm running Flash from an intelmac and never had this problem. i highly recommend that you call customer support, if this is an update you paid for. (i mean, i assume you're talking about flash flash, and not flash player?)
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Response by poster: Flash player
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Response by poster: Thanks zedediah, that worked!
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It worked for me, too, but I had to replace some receipts in the library first before I could repair permissions. Luckily I have a second hard drive with a clean install of OS X on it. I must have deleted some receipts from my primary drive thinking they were unnecessary when I wanted to free up some disk space.
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