How to make it easy for user to upload images, mp3s to a blog project site?
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Good, free solutions for implementing super-easy userland image- and mp3-upload capability into a Wordpress-based blog project?

I'm kicking around an idea for a participatory bloggish thing, and part of it involves letting users/participants upload images and mp3 files in as painless a fashion as possible. I'm pretty conversant in WP, basic PHP, and author-driven bloggery, but letting other folks push stuff onto a site easily is not familiar territory.

Are there any particularly good solutions for allowing reasonably secure uploads? Is this stupid easy? Hope me; I am a babe in the woods, here.
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I guess the easiest option is to have them register as some kind of user which will allow them to upload.

Another suggestion (which you've probably already seen) is to use this plugin: - I confess I haven't used it myself though.

Most discussions only talk about images, not mp3s though.

Another thing to consider is keeping it secure enough so you don't get a whole bunch of spam being posted. Registration may be a pain - but you have more control over banning spammers or whackos.
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