Hiding the Status Bar in Os X Firefox without covering up the down scroll arrow?
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I want to hide/turn off the status bar in Firefox on OS X, but doing this makes the resizing corner box thingy cover up the down scroll arrow. I've wanted to do this ever since I started using Firefox over 3 years ago, how do I fix this?
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I was able to duplicate this, but the resize box only covers the bottom right quarter of my down arrow. Kind of annoying, but I am still able to use the down arrow. Looks like this has been identified at least a couple times in the Mac community, but I was not able to find any kind of fix for it.

Can I ask what the need for removing the status bar is?
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If you don't like it for aesthetic reasons, you're buggered; Firefox has many older and deeper bugs than this, and they don't have nearly as much Mac love as they do for the other platforms.

If it's just so you can navigate, there are other ways to get around the page you might try -- have you got a wheel mouse? On the keyboard, the page down/page up keys, or even the down-arrow/up-arrow keys will let you shift the view in a more controlled manner. You can also press the spacebar to view a screenful at a time.
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Best answer: You’re not the first person to notice this, but as far as I can tell, nobody has reported it as a bug yet, so I’ve just done so.

I doubt there is any easy way to fix the problem yourself (other than turning the status bar back on, or using other scrolling methods). One possibility would be hacking Firefox’s theme to make the down arrow twice as high as it would normally be, so that only the second half is covered by the resize grippy.
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Seconding bonaldi - the reason this has never been fixed is that there are probably a dozen people on the planet remaining who use the arrows on a scroll bar.
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