Help Me Find The Artist & The Name Of This Soul Song
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Can Someone Name The Artist & Title Of This Soul Song?

A poor soul is our music community is walking around with a song in his head, but for the life of him, he has no idea who did it, or what the song's name is. Once again the members are stumped at Beatking, so I turn to the MetaFilter community for assistance.

Here's a clip of the song, which contains the following words: "..and then somebody, then somebody you love loves someone else too." Can you name the artist and the song? Thanx in advance for all your help.
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I wanna say Koko Taylor, but I suppose that's the jazz equivalent of hockey's "When in doubt, say Gretzky."
posted by phaedon at 3:18 AM on June 2, 2007

The song is too slow and the voice to sweet for Koko. Nevermind.
posted by phaedon at 3:19 AM on June 2, 2007

Wow, good luck with this one. I see you guys have a few people that want to know what the song is. I tried, with no luck. However, I do beleive that the lyric is:

"...that somebody, that somebody you love, loves someone else too."

Sorry I could not help more, but I did host the MP3 on my server so that you guys don't have to go through that MegaUpload shit. Enjoy
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Response by poster: Thanx, dnthomps
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It is, without a doubt, the great Irma Thomas, the Soul Queen of New Orleans. I can't tell you the song, though.
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Response by poster: Thanx, WSG - let's see if we can figure it out from there. I will let you know.
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i would turn to the people at numero group records. they've released several soul compilations called "eccentric soul," which feature lots of old soul gems they dug out of their collections. they seem to know their soul music pretty well, so maybe someone there will recognize your song.
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Response by poster: Thank you, Fac21--will have to check out the source. One of our members notified Irma, and she said it's not her:

I am sorry to tell you that it is not me. I don't know who but they sure can sing.

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I stand corrected. It sure sounds just like her!
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Best answer: From Username: The song I was looking for was It Be's That Way Sometimes, performed by Joe Simons (Denise LaSalle also made a version of the song).

Thanks for everything DudeAsInCool, vernarial and someone for hosting the clip
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