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I want to bring back the John Lennon style glasses, but affordably. I want to find sub-$200 round frame glasses.

I found these on Ralph Lauren Purple Label but at $400, the price is about double what I am willing to pay. I have scoured countless sunglass stores to no avail.
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First hit on Google search for "round sunglasses" turned up these. Those Ralph Lauren sunglasses don't look at all like the ones John Lennon wore, in my opinion.
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Windsor Frames
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If you're in a big enough city to have a Hot Topic or another store like that that goth kids would shop at, try there. For that matter, you might also have luck at a head shop, although you might find that there they come in weird lens colors like purple, blue and green.

(And yes, those RL sunglasses are more accountant-style than John Lennon-style. Purple Label is RL's high-end line, if you're wondering why the price is where it is.)
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rhizome has it. Buy a pair of vintage frames and have whatever lenses you want put in. hhas some great old frames at a good price.
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And when you accidentally break them, Hermione can perform an Oculus Reparo.
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I've been planning to do the same thing. But if I bought the frames from eyeglasseswarehouse, where would I get the lenses made and fitted at?
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Have you tried charity shops ? Junk shops ? Flea markets ?
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John Lennon Eyeglasses Eyewear
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I don't know how authentically Lennonesque these are, but I've been wearing them for a few years and I like them. $135, perfectly round.
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You can have any old brick-and-mortar lens shop (Pearle, LensCrafters, etc.) make the lenses for vintage frames, in my experience. They may grumble and they may charge a little more, but what you'll save on the frames should make up for it.
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(And I think my dad got those ones bricoleur posted. He, too, was looking for Lennonesque, and he loves 'em.)
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I don't know how well these precisely conform to what you're looking for, but at Zenni Optical they have a pair of round frame glasses for about $20. They might work for you, though they may be a little more Potter than Lennon.
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These links are what I turned up on my own search for windsor frames. I've never actually purchased these, but would eventually like to get something like them.
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That seems not to have worked.
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