I should probably just rent a helicopter
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Long Island-filter: need to get from Sag Harbor to Port Authority on Thursday, 6/28, leaving Sag Harbor at 4:00 pm, need to be at Port Authority no later than 7:30. I think the LIRR schedule isn't very amenable to my needs. Can I make it by car? Will I be a nervous wreck the whole time, stuck in traffic, freaking out about being late?
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What route did you plan on taking by car?
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Response by poster: dr_d and any others kind enough to help, believe me when I say that I have NO knowledge whatsoever of Long Island geography - although I've lived in the city for a long time, I'm not a car-owner. I have a work commitment in Manhattan at 7:30, I *could* get out of it but it would cost me money, so I'm trying to avoid that if I can. ANY and ALL help will be most appreciated.
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If you can make it to the end of 495 (Long Island Expressway) in Riverhead, you can take a straight shot to the midtown tunnel. To warn you, traffic will be heavy in the last 15 miles or so before the tunnel, so I'd recommend you leave earlier if possible and save yourself so much more time.

By contrast, if you take the 3:14 out of Bridgehampton, you can be in Penn at 6:20, with plenty of time to get to Port Authority.
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Response by poster: Absolutely can NOT leave Sag Harbor any earlier than 4:00 pm, and the next train from B'hampton isn't until 11:00 at night (don't get me started...). I'm just curious if anyone is familiar with this route and would be able to comment on typical traffic-density, etc.
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This commitment is actually at Port Authority? If you manage to make your way through Nassau and congested Queens, squeezing through the tunnel in decent time for rush hour, you'll have to contend with parking. If things go your way, you'll be cutting it close, at best. A few car crashes, lane closures, etc and you can kiss 7:30 goodbye.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but this doesn't seem likely unless you rent that helicopter or can find a way to be a bit more flexible about your departure time.
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Response by poster: At the risk of beating a dead horse - I live in Brooklyn, my commitment is a block from Port Authority. So I'm hoping I get get to my apartment by 6:30 or 6:45, which is two blocks from the A train. Heck, even if I left my home by 7:00, I'd be okay.
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The Hampton Jitney has a run that leaves Sag Harbor at 4:30 and gets to Manhattan at 7PM. You won't make it to your apartment, but should be able to make it to Port Authority in time.


If that doesn't work for you, you're going to have to hire a car service.
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I'm only familiar with Nassau and Western Suffolk, but the LIE is a mess in both directions during rush hour. The chances of making it to Riverhead from Sag Harbor, and then to Brooklyn from Riverhead, in 2-1/2 hours on a Thursday afternoon are fairly slim. If you're the sort who freaks out in traffic, this is probably not a good idea.

I would imagine the traffic gets heavier the further west you go. If you don't mind leaving your car there, you might want to drive to the Babylon train station and grab the 5:39 or 6:06 train out of there. All-told, though, it sounds to me like more trouble than it's worth.
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Do you have a rental car, or is someone driving you, or is this your own car (the train thing make it sound like the latter is not the case)? You may be able to get someone to take you to Hicksville, to catch the 6:35pm train, which will get to Penn at 7:23 (awfully close), or get to the Babylon station for the 5:39 or 6:06 trains.
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Response by poster: Borrowing a car. I'm a theater musician, so my show starts at 8:00. Technically I need to be there at 7:30, but everyone involved has been in this position - they won't mind if I stroll in at 7:45, as long as I'm ready to play at 8:00.
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If you have a car, and you are ok with driving directions, you might be best to drive to your place in Brooklyn, park there, and take the A train. Where in Brooklyn? I can make it from my house to Sag Habour in about an hour, from my house to a good amount of Brooklyn is about an hour. Disclaimer: I may drive at speeds higher than the posted limit from time to time.
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If you need to get to your apartment, perhaps driving to a good train connection (like Babylon) where you can catch a train into the station in Brooklyn (Flatbush, IIRC), subway to apartment, then on to work.

Funny, I'm thinking "why would you want to be in Sag Harbor this time of year?", before remembering it's summer there. Being in the southern hemisphere, but not from here, frequently causes confusion over seasons.
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As a lifelong New Yorker, a Long Island girl, a part time Sag resident and a full-time Upper West Sider ... You will be a nervous wreck in the car, you will be a nervous wreck on the jitney, you will be a nervous wreck on the train. You will not make it by 7:30, but you might slide in by 7:40. But you'll be sweaty and distracted for the next half hour. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice, folks. I decided to bag my commitment in town, despite the fact that it'll cost me money. It'll still be a profitable day for me (just not AS profitable), but I won't have what sounds like the near-certain stress of the commute.
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