Cheap hackable cell phone?
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It occurred to me that I could probably find a used cell phone cheap that would be more useful and fun than my aging mono palm, and sync with my mac. I am looking for recommendations for phones in the $50 range (on ebay) that take adequate pictures and can perhaps play fun little Java games. I don't plan to use the actual phone to make calls, I just want a cheap calendar/camera/game doohickey.

After a little research it appears the following phones will sync nicely with my macbook (which has bluetooth):

nokia 3650
Sony Ericsson T630
Sony Ericsson T637
Sony s710a
Motorola phones

I am just clueless about cell phones and which can use Java, etc. Thank you! Bonus points if the phone takes an SD memory card or is sorta hackable.
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Um ... will most phones run without a valid SIM (or some SIM at all) in them? I don't think that my Motorola will; it just gives an error message, and doesn't do anything.

Unless you have a spare, old SIM sitting around, buying a phone off of eBay may not let you do much.
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Since you have a palm already, I think you should go for a treo. As a palm device, it is fairly hackable and you can get tetris for it.
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Treos are great, but not cheap, unfortunately.

Kadin-etc. thanks for the info on the sim. I didn't know that.
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You are not planning on using the phone as a phone, so go for a used color palm device.
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I picked up my treo 270(color, 16mb memory, keyboarded Palm/phone) for $50 on eBay a while back - There's several like this one Buy-It-Now for $50 +$15S&H,
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My Sony Ericsson w600i syncs beautifully with my Mac, but sadly, demands I insert a SmartChip when I attempt to use it without one.
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Razr V3xx can be used sim-less if you change one of the seems. Lots of hacking info on Razr's out there too
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My Nokia 6103 is the best phone I have yet owned, and far from the most expensive. It is incredibly durable (and I am brutal on phones), sounds great, takes decent pictures (not a feature I care much about, YMMV), has a nice feature set, syncs perfectly with my macbook/osx 10.4/bluetooth, and cost me $30 with a t-mobile contract extension. It also has built in IM and a web browser that sort of works, also features I don't use. But the sound is gorgeous and the sync effortless. I love it.
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Oh, but it does require a SIM card. Sorry I missed that.
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