How to connect firewire to a USB-only computer?
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My camcorder uses firewire, no USB port. My computer has USB slots, but no firewire. Best solution?
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What kind of computer do you have, my friend?
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Best answer: As far as I know there's no 'adapter' between the two types. My suggestion would be either to buy a PCI Firewire card for your PC if it's a desktop, or purchase a Firewire PCMCIA card for it if it's a laptop.

These cards, at least for desktop machines, are relatively inexpensive - at least last time I checked it out. You can get a Firewire PCI card at your local CompUSA or Best Buy for under $50. Laptop PCMCIA cards might be more expensive.

I think this is your absolute best bet, and shouldn't cost a whole lot.
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Cheap firewire card. Like this one, for example.
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Best answer: In fact, I found one on New Egg for $29.99 (PCI):

A PCMCIA card for laptops looks to be closer to $50:

So, there you go!
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Best answer: If it's a desktop, just go out and buy a PCI Firewire card. (Sometimes called a "IEEE 1394 Host Adapter," or variations thereof.) I think last time I was at Microcenter I saw generic ones for about $15-20.

If it's a laptop, you can get a PC-Card that serves a similar function, although it may be harder to come by. (Probably not locally available unless you have a very good computer store near you.) Here are some reviews on them I turned up by a quick Google search. Note that you don't need the faster "Firewire 800" for your purposes; the older plain-jane Firewire (aka Firewire 400) is fine.
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Installing a cheap firewire card is a doddle. You can do it.
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Response by poster: It's a laptop (Dell Latitude 620). Sorry, Should have thought to mention that.
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Response by poster: Guess that means the PCMCIA card, then.
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Yep, looks like you're stuck shelling out for a PCMCIA card, sorry.
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I added a USB2+Firewire card to my 1999-era laptop to add a few external drives. Card cost $20 or so from Newegg.
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