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Mac Font question: I am doing some home tech support for an elderly couple, and they're looking for a symbol/dingbat sort of font that draws frame/table elements (corners, etc.). I know I have seen fonts just like this but can't for the life of me remember what they might be called. If you can think of the names and/or give a link to a free download, I would appreciate it.

No need to point me to the zillions of font download sites, thank you, unless you are sending me directly to the sort of font I am looking for.
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Victorian Ornaments 1 or 2 from P22 can be used to make borders. These are not free fonts (~$20 each), but the borders are pretty interesting, and your clients might like them. Their fonts are available for Mac or PC, and I like the company in general -- they have nice fonts.
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If you have unicode support, any unicode font with the right symbols should work. On my WinXP system, for example, Arial and Courier New work. I don't see why a suitable Unicode font wouldn't work on a Mac. The characters in question are around unicode point 0x2500.

Example (spacing may be off but symbols should still display):

x2502;             x2502;
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That worked in preview but not in the post, oh well. Imagine an ampersand and # before each of the xs above.
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Response by poster: Nice tries, amtho and reptile. The Victorian one is too ornate, and the Unicode characters are not decorative enough.

Keep the suggestions coming!
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Best answer: A google search for "border fonts" finds some hits that might help.

A commercial collection here:

A few free ones here:

Hope this helps.
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Response by poster: Bingo. Thanks, reptile
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