Interference robustness???
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OSX wifi: Why would I not use 'Interference Robustness'?

From what little info I can find online, this feature should stop my wifi connection being stung by microwave ovens and welders and things. So if I were to turn this on during a heavy session of welding microwave ovens, what advantage would there be to turning it off again afterwards? Does this cost me battery life, or throughput, or karma, or, well, anything? I'm presuming there must be some advantage to turning it off, or why have the option at all?
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I believe I've read that it can lower speeds somewhat, but not overly so. Can't find my source for that right now though, but that was my understanding.
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When I use it, it lowers my range from the base station.
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I read it only works when you are connecting to an Apple Airport Base Station or other networks that use the protocol. If the base station doesn't support it, the checkbox on your client won't matter.

I have one at home and haven't noticed any interference or degradation in speed with it on. Since switching to the Airport I haven't had any dropouts due to interference -- the neighbor's phone was the worst -- killing my connection.

I'll usually leave it checked when I'm out and about on other non-Apple networks that probably don't have interference robustness. Again, no noticeable lack of performance.
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For future people, here is a bit of a summary which addresses this question directly.
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