Scanner recommendations with feeder for images & or photos?
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Scanner recommendations with feeder for images & or photos?

I know there's a thread going around with scanner with OCR - I don't need that - what I need is a solid scanner with a feeder for loose sheets of art/photos/magazines pages, etc ... I read a review for a Fujitsu (?) but it seemed to be more for OCR - the reviewer noted that images were not great - any other suggestions? I just want to be able to drop in 25-50 sheets at a time so I don't have to sit and load each sheet. Mac compatible also.

Separately, any recommendations for a photo print scanner? Yes, i know there are slide scanners but does anyone make a scanner with a feeder you can drop in 20-50 developed photos (3x5, 4x6, etc ...) I'm set with all the digital pics from the last 7 years but before that, we're talking thousands ... thanks!
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For scanning 4x6 or smaller photos, as well as negatives:

Epson 3590 (a model from last year, discontinued in January but still available on for $99.00. It has a motorized negative scanner built-in, which works pretty well as long as the negative strip isn't too curled.

Add to this scanner the Epson Multi Photo/Business Card Feeder (model # B12B813372) for $149.00. This was originally made as an accessory for the Epson 2480 Scanner about 3 years ago, but works with models 2580, 3490, and 3590 also. It doesn’t work with later models like the 4490 or 4990.

I bought both items for $250 with free shipping from a couple weeks ago.

This feeder cover was incorporated into the Epson 2480 as a "Special Edition" a couple years ago. Amazon reviews here.

I spent about 10 hours researching options for bulk scanning a couple thousand 4x6 photos, and this is the best I found. I'm barely getting started with it, but liking it so far. I know Epson also makes a Document Feeder cover that would also work with this scanner, but I don't know if it would meet your other needs.
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I have the Fujitsu scansnap s500 that you're talking about, but you're right, it's not for photos, so look elsewhere.
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