What is the OK America Registry?
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What is the OK America Registry?

My husband and I have seen a few Adopt a Highway signs that say "OK America Registry." The one I remember for sure is on 95 north around Lexington, MA. We're wondering what this is? I can't find anything on Google. Anyone know?
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Sorry, but I could not find information about OK American Registry. I did find a contact for the Massachusetts Highway Department Adopt-A-Highway that may be able to give you more information.

Pat Karageanis at (617) 973-7755
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Best answer: From the minutes of a PTA:

OK America. OK America is a community fundraising solution that is available to assist parents and PTO’s by essentially doing most of the leg work required for fundraising. They publish a fundraising registry booklet that is unique to the community and can be used by all of the households that it is distributed to as a resource guide to area services.
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Response by poster: Thank you! We thought it might have been some weird place where you could register to "prove" you were an "OK American" and not something bad, i.e. a terrorist. I guess our imaginations went a little wild!
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