Hoods in 60's Germany
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What was the cultural significance of a hood, this modern american would identify as klan like, in 1960's germany?

Thru a random dvd rental, I discover the german disco group Boney M. I'm intrigued, wondering who could behind songs with lyrics like "ra ra rasputin, russia's famous love machine". At work, I mention the group to someone who was of disco-attending age during the 70's, and lived in europe. He mentions their lip-synching connection to Milli Vanilli. I assume he's talking a connection-in-spirit, but he's being literal. It seems the producer behind both groups is a man named Frank Farian. As I wander thru his offical site, I come across the pages on his early career as a performer, and pictures of him with his band in hoods that look somewhat klan-ish to my modern eyes.

So, what was the cultural message he would have been sending, wearing such a getup, in 1963?
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People (mostly kids) used to wear hoods like that in my native Bosnia when they wanted to be "ghosts" in dressing-up. In America, I take it from Halloween pictures, kids opt for the full sheet and a more "rounded" head. I don't know if that applies here, but in Bosnia, those hoods = scary ghosts!

I was shocked when I saw photos of KKK members in similar "ghost" outfits. It seemed ridiculous to me. It still does now, but in a different manner.
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That totally makes sense with a group named Shadows, releasing an album named Shouting Ghost. Much thankies.
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It's also very indicative of a medieval capirote, worn in medieval religious ceremonies, and by medieval executioners or grand inquisitors.
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They still wear them in some Catholic ceremonies/parades in Spain. Here is a pic and blog entry discussing the practice (in a broader context).
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