What's the title of this B-monster movie, possibly starring Kurt Russell?
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My friend is searching for the title of a low-budget B-monster movie. The plot: The crew of a spaceship find a derelict spacecraft and awaken a demon/alien creature who possesses the crew one by one. Also, the movie might star Kurt Russell.

At the end of the movie the protagonist (Russell?) is the only crew member left alive, and the demon/alien has possessed another crew member. After a conversation, the protagonist fires a missile at his own ship from somewhere, blowing up the creature and himself.

Clearly this film was a rip-off of The Thing, Alien, Lifeforce, etc. And, no, it's not Event Horizon. My friend saw it as a kid (in the 80's), so he can't remember any more details.
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John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)?
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yep, has to be. great film!
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It's not The Thing.

The crew of a spaceship find a derelict spacecraft

The Thing takes place in Antarctica, not deep space. Kurt Russell is a helicopter pilot. There's no missile, but shit it blown up real good. The Thing ends with Russell and Keith David in a staredown, each thinking the other is the monster.
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Ever see 'Dracula 3000'?
Same thing, just that most of the crew turns into vampires.
And the movie ends comically abruptly.
But i think that it was produced just a few years ago.
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Sounds like Planet of the Vampires. This flick was a big influence on Alien, and I consider it to be amazingly well done for having such a shoestring budget. Also, the black leather jumpsuits the crew wear are about the coolest thing ever.
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This list of sci-fi films may be worth a skim to jog your friend's memory, although nothing jumped out at me.
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well, i don't need to see the thing anymore...
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PotV trailer, for reference purposes only.

Anyway, your description sounds a lot like the beginning of Lifeforce (1985), which stars Steve Railsback, who could be mistaken for Kurt Russell. Most of it takes place on Earth, though.

Galaxy of Terror, maybe? (Trolling some very generic search results)

Most of the alien vampire movies, it seems, aren't set in space. And there's a fair number that cross over into soft porn, too. Hmmm.
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I'm guessing it's not The Green Slime, which is the best worst space-b-monster movie ever.
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Well its not Kurt Russell, as a perusal of imdb will show. He's got nothing like that on there - well other than The Thing, which is not what we're lookin' for. I couldnt find anything specific, but that plotline is pretty common for B-grade flicks.

the best worst space-b-monster movie ever.

Oh no my friend, that honor goes to Forbidden World. Trust me on this. It ends with a man cutting out his own cancerous organ for the hero to feed to the monster to kill it. Brilliant! Add to that tons of nudity and sex and enough lame dialog to make even Uwe Boll wince. A masterpiece!
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It was The Dark Side of the Moon!
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