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I have been tasked with creating a virtual walkthrough of an existing space, using some sort of 360º panoramas, with zooming, maybe audio. I am of familiar with QTVR and, VRML, and have heard of X3D, but wonder what the state of the art is for this kind of thing.

What new-fangled system exists for:

a) stitching together photographs into 360º panoramas.

b) locating said panoramas in a 3d space.

c) allowing a user to navigate through the space (maybe with some 3d metaphor?), viewing the panoramas, maybe hearing audio, and zooming in and out of details.

d) putting all this online.

Extra points awarded for anything flashy, shiny and/or cool. Free is nice, too.
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I don't know how much use this will be in creating your own, but Google Street View is definitely flashy, shiny and cool, and seems like an example of exactly what you're trying to do.
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Not sure if this was clear in the question: I have to create this, and put it online, where anybody can see it, using a web browser.
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QTVR should be fine. Check out some real estate sites, they use that stuff a lot.
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