Where to find cool bathroom vanity?
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I've run out of money on our house remodel and still need to do a downstairs bathroom. Any suggestions for finding some affordable, modern-looking bathroom sink/vanity combos online -- like this unit from Ikea?

We want something hip and streamlined, but NOT a pedestal set-up as we have some plumbing issues that will need to be 'hidden' in the bottom part of the vanity unit. We've Googled until we're blind and all we come across are tacky, baroque or mid-70s looking contraptions. Home Depot and the ilk all feature 'grandma's house'-styled units, so that's out.
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Ikea is one of the few places that offer "modern" home furnishings in my experience. You might try speciality places, especially ones that cater to the condo crowd, but they're likely to be more expensive. Googling "modern bathroom vanity" tuned up a number of promising hits.

Personally, I like Ikea. I have an Ikea kitchen. Why not just go with that?
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And that unit's not tacky? Eww. J/k--do whatcha like.

Look for a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your area, or a consignment store. They've often got GREAT things donated by people with lots more money than you, you might be surprized what you find.
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Something like Home Depot's Pegasus series might work. Not very granny. Prices include sinks, think.
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Home Depot and Lowe's feature some ugly vanities, but they do have catalogs full of others. Look for some people at desks in the vanity area, or try around the kitchen cabinets - they should be able to show you where the catalogs are.

I've found ReStore to be overpriced, but I'm sure that varies by location.
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You can pick up a used chest of drawers, refinish or paint it, and add a sink. Cheap, unusual, and potentially very attractive.
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I have a nearly identical ikea unit (the "bowl" that sits on top of the cabinet) and I'm quiet pleased with the sink/faucet and cabinet combination. It was very affordable, fit into the existing space quite nicely and has held together very well for 18 months. Being all white though, it does tend to get a bit scummy from time to time. I frequently get comments from people about how much they like the way it looks. I would say go for the ikea unit-- it's a steal, comparatively speaking.
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We got ours at Lowes -- here's a picture of it with a white cabinet (we got it in "espresso." Simple and compact.
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