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I need some suggestions for computer games. I tend to dislike FPS and RPG though WOW was OK. (Obviously I love my TLA's :) ). See more inside please.

So, I have been craving a new computer game lately but am not up to date on what is out there and good. Can anyone make a suggestion? I am open to MMORPG's but none have really held my attention since the first manifestation of A Tale in the Desert. I played WOW for awhile but hate dealing with all the kids and got bored at higher levels. The games that I have really enjoyed in the past are Maniac Mansion, King's Quest, Starcraft, Black & White, Evil Genius, 1602, Civilization, Roborally, etc. I have no problem with playing older games if they are still fun. I would LOVE it if someone could suggest a free game :). For shorter games, I really liked the Bridge Building game, Laser Game, and Crimson/Veridian Room. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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Ur-quan masters, although it is ridiculously hard.
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You might want to consider using a Nintendo 64 emulator to play some of the classics of that system. I don't play a lot of video games, and quickly grow bored with most. However, I do enjoy a good game once in a while and I find I do well with these. I particularly like "Paper Mario" and "Zelda: Ocarina of Time".
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If you don't mind older games, I highly suggest Master of Magic if you haven't tried it yet. It's Civilization with an rpg/fantasy element thrown on top. Oh, and it's free!
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I don't see Sam & Max in your list. Besides the original, I think there are some new games based on the franchise.
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thanks! I will look into these, keep the suggestions rolling :)
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I'm kind of free associating, but here goes:

Maniac Mansion
Hugo's House of Horrors.

King's Quest
Space Quest.


Black & White
Magic Carpet.

Evil Genius
Never heard of it. Looks funny though.

Castles II.

Alpha Centauri.

Not familiar with this one either.

Some of those are more, ah, tangentially related, but I think they're all good choices. :)
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Regarding your penchant for King's Quest, you should definitely take a look at this older thread. I highly recommend Beneath a Steel Sky, if you haven't played it yet, it's now one of my favorite point n' click games.

Also, check out The Longest Journey.
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Eve Online
Very massive RPG. Takes a little to get the hang of playing, but it is a great game.
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"Regarding your penchant for King's Quest, you should definitely take a look at this older thread. I highly recommend Beneath a Steel Sky, if you haven't played it yet, it's now one of my favorite point n' click games."

ooh, and I saw that one as a package for Ubuntu I think... I will have to see if I can get that one. I love games that will run on linux as I hate having to boot into Windows for any reason.
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Monkey Island! Any of them (though I'd start with number 1, of course)! Seriously, hilarious, classic adventure games that are worth playing, especially if you want something not too long-ish.

Old yet easy to find in many iterations.
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If you're looking for free, how about some SimCity or Zork, or check out 1up's 102 free games list (which contains a link to a graphically updated version of King's Quest).
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I just got galactic civilizations 2 recently. It's kinda civilization/alpha centauri-like. Very easy for me to kill hours on it without noticing the time pass. Dangerously so.
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I always got really bored with Sim City and those Tycoon games for some reason. I think because they were geared towards free play and I like quests, etc. The suggestions have rocked though, thanks!
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Seconding The Longest Journey, it's probably my favorite game ever. The recent follow-up - Dreamfall - was pretty good too, and they have a free trial.

Old school games:
Monkey Island games are the best!
Discworld Noir (although it might be hard to find)
Grim Fandango - amazingly awesome, and usually runs under $5 at the local BestBuy.

I have also been enjoying the new Sam and Max games from Telltale. It's in episodic format, and each episode is only $8.95 - you can try it out, and then get the whole season for like $35 if you liked it. Fun click-quest-adventure ensues, with funny scripts. Almost as fun as the original.

For newer games, perhaps Oblivion might be up your alley?
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