What is a "perpendadore"?
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What's this Spanish word? In the first bit of "The Ghost Map," Steven Johnson says: "Where wages remain depressed, scavenging remains a vital occupation; witness the perpendadores of Mexico City." I can find no record of "perpendadores." What word is he talking about here? Is it a misspelling?
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Best answer: Looks like a misspelling: the word is pepenador(es), "scavenger(s)."
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Response by poster: OK, great. Thanks.
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Best answer: Just to expand a bit, the verb pepenar comes from the nahuatl word pepena: "to choose". The modern use means to grab or pick up.

It's a Mexican word, I don't think you'd hear it in other countries.
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Datapoint: chilean, never heard it before.
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