My dog won't heal.
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Me and my vet are stumped as to follow up care for surgery. More dog filter.

As a follow up to this question, the stitches that were supposed to be out in ten days have turned into staples that are still in and barely holding together a big gaping wound.

I am not kidding, there is a quarter size gap that has developed where some flesh (?) has popped out and is just exposed and raw, but doesn't seem to be painful. If we don't get this healed or if it gets infected we have to go in for another surgery.

A big issue is that there is an internal gap of some nature where the bones and stuff were taken out, so he is still draining constantly, so it just doesn't close. We have tried ace bandages, hot compresses, something called Collate that is supposed to promote fiber production. He is at least not getting infected.

Anyone have any ideas? Any supplements, physical thearpy techniques, compression techniques for a fairly active puppy?
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Is it proud flesh?

I ask because you say the wound is protruding...
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Get a new vet.
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I don't know the answer, but could your vet post this question on a professional vet-only online forum? (I know that's a resource my vets are using for difficult/unusual treatment cases.)

My best wishes for a speedy recovery for your pup.
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It sounds like it could be proud flesh, considering we have gone from a big hole to big protusion, it sounds like the answer is still compression, topical stuff, and antibiotics.

I am about to put a corset on him and see if it stays put better than the ace bandage we just wiggles out of. I have already tried the body of compression hose over the ace bandage, but there is just not enough substance to stay in place when he is wiggling around.
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I have a dog that had his foot amputated. It took an extremely long time for the wound to close (over a month). There was nothing to do about it (in his case) except to keep it clean and keep him from bothering it.

You might want to contact the nearest Veterinary teaching hospital and ask...btw, this is something your vet should be doing for you.

Good luck!
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awww.... cute puppy!

Seconding suggesting to your vet that he or she consult the nearest veterinary teaching hospital, or that you ask your vet for a referral to one. Is The University of Georgia anywhere near you?

It might also be worth it to get a second opinion from another vet. Breed rescue groups (like this one, perhaps) often have a list of trustworthy vets; they might be worth contacting for a recommendation.

Good luck, and let us know how it works out!
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Thirding finding a veterinary teaching hospital (best option) or at least a second opinion (preferably from an orthopedic vet, or someone who's done a fair number of amputations). Your dog cannot be the only dog who's ever had this happen. It may be something like an unusually large amount of dead space in there which needs to be reduced by resectioning/resuturing the muscles, which may mean another surgery, but there has to be a way to solve this. Good luck and please let us know what happens.
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My dog had a severe bite this winter and in a few days the stitches popped wide open. The original vet who saw her said, "Well, that's okay, we want the wound to drain." But after 3-4 days of constant slow bleeding and a wound as wide as you describe, we took her back to the animal hospital and showed her to a different vet. They immediately wheeled her away, sedated her, got "the really good suture person" and she returned with a nice tight Frankenstein job that healed exceedingly fast.

Agreed: try someone else.
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