best forums and community software for .Net platform?
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Does anyone have an opinion on the best of breed web forums software and drupal-like or community software out there for an asp/.net environment?

I'm relatively knowledgable on similar offerings in the *unix world but I now find myself needing to find equivalent software for an asp/.net environment. And I'm starting from scratch.

So I'm talking about classic web forums, and also user generated content with rating systems... that genre of thing.

I've found Community Server ( and Carbon Communities ( as two options.

But since I'm new to this particular platform I'm realizing there may be some great software (open source or otherwise) that I'm missing.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
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I was in a similar situation a while ago and settled on dotnetnuke. It is by no means ideal. This person at the drupal forums pretty well hits the nail on the head.
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