Where to see lucha libre in Cancun?
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Is there anywhere in Cancun to see live lucha libre?

I'm there for a week in June, and would love to watch some wrestling. A complete lack of Spanish has hampered my ability to locate possible venues or dates. Bonus points for suggesting an authentic mask vendor.
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Well, Cancun is a tourist town and I doubt you'll find much authentic Mexican culture there. However, a short drive to Merida (a $5 Colectivo ride) would, I'm sure, find you a fun afternoon of wrestling.

Also, maybe Valladolid.
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I'll second what luriete said, in Cancun the tourists outnumber the locals so you aren't going to see much authentic Mexican culture. Merida is a little far away, but if you want to see some of the colonial history of Mexico, it's a great place to visit. It's big enough you'll almost be guaranteed to find some wrestling. Valladolid is smaller, but it's on the way to see the spectacular Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, well worth the trip. If you already have hotel reservations, I would suggest calling the hotel and asking them about it. They can at least point you in the right direction.
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Merida is a 4 hour bus ride from Cancun, Valladolid is around 2 hours from Cancun. Beyond that, I've got nothin'.
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Best answer: There will be a AAA lucha in Mérida, on June 10. I found a poster here.

Also, I found a tortería with a lucha libre theme in Cancun: Tortiluchas. They sell masks and they might have more information about the local scene, as they promote lucha libre events.
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Response by poster: Thank you! You just made a boring business trip 100% more fun.
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