One Sharpie to Rule Them All!
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What's the most permanent marker pen in the universe?

Specifically, if one were to be going to comic / sci-fi shows and drawing on / signing shirts for people, is there a more permanent ink than Sharpie Industrial (amazing funes) or Rub A Dub washable pens? (bonus points if it's permanent after being drawn over silk screened areas and can be washed)
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I've heard anecdotally that Bic permanent markers are more permanent than Sharpies, but I've never noticed a big difference personally.
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Or if you're writing on t-shirts, what about fabric markers?
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Maybe the Dixon Redimark Permanent Marker. It has non-toxic, odorless ink and won't bleed through paper.
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Not sure how good it would be for writing on fabric, but this pen could be used as a chemical weapon.
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I have ruined many a shirt (accidently) with Sanford King Permanent Markers. And despite many washings, still not fading. Bonus uses include covering scuffs on black high heels in a pinch.
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Paint pens
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'Industrial' Sharpies are, in my experience, slightly more permanent than the regular ones.
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Oh, heck, I somehow missed the word 'industrial' in your question. Okay, then--Krink is more permanent than Sharpie ink, but it's drippy--that's part of the appeal--and so I don't think it's as well-suited to signing t-shirts.
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I use Pigma pens to make labels for quilts and there's no discernible fading after multiple washes.
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I have a t-shirt signed by the lovely folks from Yo La Tengo using a standard large tip Sharpie and its still legible (but very very faded) after almost 8 years. The shirt itself is almost falling apart from use and washes so the marking has held up pretty well.
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How about some of those pens filled with gel ink? The types that are silver or gold colored and are used in craft activities?
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I don't have a lot of experience with them on fabric (other than accidentally marking up my lab clothes) but Lab Markers available from VWR are not only waterproof but alcohol proof (Sharpies wash right off in EtOH). The downside is that the "fine tip" may be too small for your purposes and they have strong smelling fumes.
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I'd be careful of using some of those markers on skin.
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